Tale Chapter 2 - A Monk

Words from the author : Ok I know many people think monks are boring but they believe in spirits more than anyone else.They are pure and very fun to play with if you got the chance.Many people judged my story is gonna be boring since it has monks but nope it won't be.Enjoy ~

Thirteen Years after that incident , the baby boy grew to became a intelligent and outgoing boy.The grandmaster monk that found the baby boy raised him as of his own and taught him the ways of the spirit world.They boy was named Sky by the grandmaster monk because the boy seems to have a strange habit of watching skies while praising the walking clouds.They boy tricked the monks that he is bald by lying them that he had a terrible scar and by covering his hair with a bandana.But the grandmaster monk knew the truth but refused to cut it since he thinks that the boy wasn't the monk type.

Everytime the grandmaster tried to teach him spirit magic , he always wanders off and explore the mountains.Sky always wondered why must a spiritual place be warmer than the other places of the cold harsh mountains.Sky always asked the grandmaster monk to let him be free so that he could be a traveler and know about the world but the grandmaster refused.He knows that the world out there is dangerous and sometimes he felt like he is trapping a bird and won't let it's wings to free to fly around and feel the air.

The boy could run away from the temple anytime he wants but he don't wan to.He respect the grandmaster monk like his own father.
One day , he went to town to buy a new book to read."Hi , Macro.Got any new books to read at your shop today ?" he said to the shop keeper."Well I do have some new folklore storybooks , intrested ?" the shop keeper replied."I will take it" Sky said.But Sky only had two pennies and the book costed 5 pennies.Sky was a frequent customer of the book shop as he always imagined himself traveling the outside world by reading the storybooks and he knows that the shop keeper has a weakness to cute faces.Sky quickly made a cute pose and cute eyes while saying "Please give me a discount".The shop keeper can't look back and was forced to give him a discount.When the boy thanked the shop keeper and left the store , the shop keeper said "No wonder my business is going down , but this boy is special I must say".

Sky went out of the shop and stood infront of the store and said "SUCKER" !!!
Chapter 2 END

Ops my pencil is broken - MONKS !!!



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