Tale Chapter 2 - A Monk

Words from the author : Ok I know many people think monks are boring but they believe in spirits more than anyone else.They are pure and very fun to play with if you got the chance.Many people judged my story is gonna be boring since it has monks but nope it won't be.Enjoy ~

Thirteen Years after that incident , the baby boy grew to became a intelligent and outgoing boy.The grandmaster monk that found the baby boy raised him as of his own and taught him the ways of the spirit world.They boy was named Sky by the grandmaster monk because the boy seems to have a strange habit of watching skies while praising the walking clouds.They boy tricked the monks that he is bald by lying them that he had a terrible scar and by covering his hair with a bandana.But the grandmaster monk knew the truth but refused to cut it since he thinks that the boy wasn't the monk type.

Everytime the grandmaster tried to teach him spirit magic , he always wanders off and explore the mountains.Sky always wondered why must a spiritual place be warmer than the other places of the cold harsh mountains.Sky always asked the grandmaster monk to let him be free so that he could be a traveler and know about the world but the grandmaster refused.He knows that the world out there is dangerous and sometimes he felt like he is trapping a bird and won't let it's wings to free to fly around and feel the air.

The boy could run away from the temple anytime he wants but he don't wan to.He respect the grandmaster monk like his own father.
One day , he went to town to buy a new book to read."Hi , Macro.Got any new books to read at your shop today ?" he said to the shop keeper."Well I do have some new folklore storybooks , intrested ?" the shop keeper replied."I will take it" Sky said.But Sky only had two pennies and the book costed 5 pennies.Sky was a frequent customer of the book shop as he always imagined himself traveling the outside world by reading the storybooks and he knows that the shop keeper has a weakness to cute faces.Sky quickly made a cute pose and cute eyes while saying "Please give me a discount".The shop keeper can't look back and was forced to give him a discount.When the boy thanked the shop keeper and left the store , the shop keeper said "No wonder my business is going down , but this boy is special I must say".

Sky went out of the shop and stood infront of the store and said "SUCKER" !!!
Chapter 2 END

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Tale Chapter 1 - A New Book

Words From Author : Ok here it is , chapter one of my new novel and upcoming comic.I changed the novel's name from "Choice" to "Tale" because I don't want my novel just to be based on making choices , boring.By the way , MERRY CHRISTMAS.Please comment if theres grammar problems or if you like the story.

In the kingdom of Iris lies thousands of tales regarding people travel around the world just to get something they want.Obstacles and dangers lurk in everywhere they go , still they keep on.They keep saying life is not complete if we keep isolating ourselves from the world by staying at home and doing work instead if you travel around the world and meet new people , new places and new wonders.They would care nothing , all they do is sell their houses and then travel the world.But now , a new story is about to be unfold as a new adventurer is about to start a whole new ... Tale.

In the snowy mountains of Mount Frostbite , theres an abandoned tent sitting on top of the cliffs of the mountains.Inside the tent lies tools for a writer to use to write his books , a warm bed just recently been slept on and a baby's cradle that has wrinkles that indicated that someone had just gone out from slumber ...

"SON !!! Where are you son !!!" a man shouted as he desperately finding his son in the cold mountains.The mountains are snowing heavily and a normal child can't stand the temperature for long."Son !!! Shit...Why must I forgot to close the tent's entrance , now he is gone and I can't find him anywhere ..." the man said.The man slowly walked along the cliffs just urging to find his son , he shouted alot and he was exhausted from all the walking.

Suddenly , in the midst of the blizzard.He heard a boy's crying from a nearby cavern , he rushed to the cavern while shouting "Son , is that you ? Please answer me son".When he arrived there , all he saw was just a rock...."Why must the mountains playing tricks on me !!! WHY !!!".He was depressed , he went out of the cavern and was about to give up.In not a moment too soon , he saw papers flying around in a line as they are leading him to somewhere.He followed the trail of papers and found his son shivering and trying to get warm by hugging a book.The man immediately rushed over to hug his son and shouted "I finally found you son !!!".But he was foolish and the loud shout triggered an avalanche , he was shocked when he saw a waves of snow coming down from the mountain's higher ground.He immediately hugged his son around his arms but it was too late , the avalanche swallowed the two whole and after a while total silent...

The next day , the blizzard stopped and warm sunlight started to shone on the mountains.A grandmaster monk from a nearby mountain temple was gathering ingredients for his ritual.He ordered the two apprentices to collect Ice Herbs from the lower levels of the mountains while he stroll around the cliff sides in search of white snow rabbits.While the grandmaster monk was searching for the rabbits , a white rabbit suddenly appeared before him and taunt the grandmaster monk.He was furious and chased the rabbit down.But the rabbit was too fast not like the other smaller rabbits , this rabbit was an alpha male and an alpha male is much more faster and stronger than other rabbits of the region.

The grandmaster was about to let up as the rabbit was too fast for him but he still kept on trying to catch him as he was wanting to have a big dinner that night.But suddenly , the rabbit stopped on top of a lump of snow.The grandmaster stopped right infront of him and was curious why did he stopped.The rabbit then kick the lump of snow and revealed a boy carrying a book and a Shadowglory flower in his hands.The grandmaster was shocked and ignored the alpha male white rabbit and carried the boy in his arms.As he carried the boy , the sunlight around him shone brighter and warmer.They boy was unconcious but still alive , it was a miracle...and the book on the boy's hand was named ... Tale.

Chapter one complete - By Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee

Kingdom of Iris Index -
The Snowy Mountains of Frostbite
-The Frostbite mountains are one of the biggest mountains in the world of Iris.It has a million years of history and has shown it has spiritual strength.Thats why theres a temple on the mountains as the monk wanted to be close with the spirits.The mountain's unique is that there are actually warm parts of the mountains , some parts of the mountains have trees and lagoons because it has much more spiritual strength than any other parts of the mountains.But the mountains could be tricky and could play tricks with your mind.Illusions and mirages are common to spot here as the mountains show what you want in your life.

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