Anna and Simon (1/2)

Word From Author : I am feeling moody and since everyone is busy.I made a story for you guys , this is a story that came from my heart...

Operator : Anna , we just received word that Subject Z is attacking the oldrigs near the coast of Venezuela.You have acessed granted to execute the mission...

Anna : Yes sir , we are intercepting sir.

*That day was a beautiful evening , the orange sun illuminated a very beautiful sunlight.The one that couples and lovers would be happy to see , holding hands while watching the sun sets and a new night begins.But the SCS was busying ... busying getting their hands on Subject Z.*

Anna : Lucas , are you ready ? This is your first mission as a member of the Special Countermeasure Squadron.

Lucas : As always Anna , you kept on looking down on me.

Anna : I am not looking down on you kid , subject Z is not a man you could fight alone.

Lucas : Ya ya ya , he is a very powerful cyborg with electronic powers.I get it I get it , sheesh.*Preparing His Gun*

Anna : ...*Puff Out A Smoke*

Lucas : Whats wrong Anna ? Are you still thinking about him ?

Anna : I don't want to talk about it , its complicated.

Lucas : ... Kay

*The helicopter landed infront the entrance of the old rig.Anna was getting ready while Lucas was still trying to get a sip of his slurpie.*

Anna : Stop drinking that , you will get sick !!!

Lucas : You want some ?

Anna : No thanks I rather cherish my time in this world.

Lucas : Haha , you know I gotta drink this in order to feel pumped up don't you ?

Anna : Whatever , like I care

Lucas : *Smiles*

*The squad breached into the site.Only to found thousands of dead bodies in front of them*

Anna : What in the world...

Lucas : Woah ... that many died ? Just who is Subject Z ?

Anna : Lets just say ... *Starts to reload her Rifle* He was once my boyfriend...

Lucas : Oh ...

Lucas : *Speaking in Radio* Hello clean up team , we got a situation here.Dead bodies are everywhere and we are needing of backup.

Clean Up Team : Roger that , ETA 30 minutes !!!

Anna : We don't have that kind of time Lucas.We gotta hunt him down before he does more damage.

Lucas : We can't fight him alone.He took down two squadrons single handedly !!!

Anna : We are the special forces , I ain't gonna let that MAN kill me that easily...

Lucas : Anna...

Anna : So you with me or not !!!

Lucas : Always...

Anna : Good lets go...

*Anna was furious , she can't let off the anguish that her ex-boyfriend gave her.It was her love of her life.But everything seemed to change so fast...*

Lucas : Anna...I know its sensitive but....Why do you hate this Subject Z so much ?

Anna : ...

Lucas : Anna ?

Anna : The past is so hard to forget , everytime we did something wrong , we always tried to get back to our past and undo it even though we can't do it...

*On their way , they reached an elevator to the underground shaft.*

Lucas : Looks like this elevator reaches the underground shaft...

Anna : Lets take it ...

Lucas : But we can't afford to make any noise , let's use the stairs.

Anna : I said..LETS TAKE IT !!!

Lucas : Yes.. Mam

*They went into the elevator and the elevator started to descend*

Lucas : So...Are you going to tell me ?

Anna : *Starts to smoke* You ready ? I am afraid that you would cry later...

Lucas : Pfft , like I am that easy to cry.Come on tell...

Anna : It all started when I was a kid...

"I was a small little girl , just carrying a little school bag while walking down the streets.There was a spot where wild dogs always gather , I always avoid that place in case those wild dogs would attack me.But that day I was taking a piece of meat because my mom told me buy it.I was a stubborn kind of girl same as always , I was tired and wanted to get home quickly.I used a shortcut through that spot and well I think you know what happened next.The dogs got a scent of my meat and then chased me.I was scared , so scared that I lost my footing and feel down.The dogs were about to get me.I knew that I was gonna get it and then...someone came.

He moved so fast , nothing like I ever seen before.He punched the dogs and those dogs can't even move an muscle.I took a picture of him with my handphone and he ran away.The dogs were immobiled , I was shocked so I ran away..."

Lucas : Wait ... did you hear that ??

Anna : Hear what ?

Lucas : The screeching noise , shhh *Looking around while aiming his rifle*

Anna : I don't hear any...

"The escalator stopped and the lights went off , a loud screeching noise started to reveal itself*

Lucas : See , something is here.

Anna : Whatever it is , it doesn't like us to be here.

*The escalator's roof broke into a hole and an android suddenly appeared.*

Anna : This android is one of Subject Z's creations !!!

Lucas : Lets burn this bastard !!!

*With no warning , Lucas fired a MM3-Flamethrower at the android.The android bursted to flames but it did not worked much.The android destroyed the escalator's controls and the wires that carry the escalator destroyed.*

Lucas : Oh no , this is bad.The wires that operate the escalator just been destroyed.Its going down !!!

Anna : What ?? So theres two things killing us right now ?

Lucas : Ya , one its the android and the other one is the escalator.

Anna : Get out of here now !!!

*Anna shot the android in the head and the android backed off.Anna and Lucas got out to the roof of the escalator.*

Anna : Use our magnet gloves and hug the wall !!!

Lucas : What about the android ??

Anna : Don't worry , its going down with the escalator.Now hug the wall !!!

Lucas : Roger that.

*Anna and Lucas jumped onto the wall and used the magnet gloves to hold on to it.*

Lucas : Haha yeah !!! I feel like spiderman.

Anna : The android is on it's way to scrapyard heaven.

*The escalator dropped to the lowest floor and a loud explosion sounded the whole building.*

Lucas : Did I ever tell you I hate androids ?

Anna : Yeah , like a thousand times.

Lucas : Hehe good.Now where is my slurpie ?

Anna : Sigh , come on we will use the vents now since the escalator is history.

Lucas : Right behind you lady.

*The vents were cold , like winter but more with the sound of the ventilation system moving and operating.*

Lucas : I thought vents are suppose to be warm , why the hell is it so cold right now.

Anna : Subject Z might have recalibrated it.He always like the cold weather...

Lucas : Ohya , you haven't finish the story.

Anna : After I went home , I kept looking at the photo.I only took a picture of his back , all I know was that he was wearing a different uniform.I thought if he was from another school looks like I was right.I never seen his face again.But one day when I reached high school , I met a familiar face.He looked like the boy who rescued me few years ago , he was sitting in the corner and reading a book.He had bandanges all around his hands , I was curious on why though.I walked right straight up to him and asked his name.His name was... Simon

END (PART 1 of PART 2)

Ops my pencil is broken , woah intense xD part 2 coming soon.