The Troubled Chef

In the bustling city of Nowhere Town , lives a Chef who owns a small restaurant once named the "The 3 Special" but after some events happened , he changed it to "The ONE Special.His name is Mr.White , he is one of the most accomplish chefs in the world.He knows how to cook Malay food , Chinese food and Indian food.

He has three magical food that could talk and move on it's own.The three magical foods are a Nasi Lemak ,a Chinese Dumpling and a Roti Canai.These three magical food have the powers of magic and they were gifted to the chef by a Food Fairy.The chef loves these three dishes as they have been with the chef for many many years now.Even though they are now getting along , The three food once were enemies among each other.They always fought and quarreled over who is the better food or who is the tastiest.But one day...That day changed them ...

4 years ago , The three magical food were always fighting each other.The chef was really annoyed by them as they always making loud noises in the restaurant and this makes him unable to cook very well.The restaurant was almost out of business because of this , but the chef managed to pull through.

Months passed and a new restaurant from a foreign country was about to be opened in town.The restaurant was under renovations and Mr.White did not think much about it.All he wanted to do is earned a modest living and he don't want any competition.

One quiet morning , the foreign restaurant was open for business.The new restaurant attracted alot of people since it's food was very delicious and new at the same time.Mr.White's restaurant was being more and more unattractive as the 3 magical food inside won't stop fighting each other.The restaurant turned dirty because of the 3 magical food were always throwing stuffs around.They also scared away all of the customers.Mr.White was about to give up the restaurant and move back to his hometown.

Day after day , Mr.White's spirit was looking down and the restaurant was meeting it's end yet the 3 magical food kept on fighting each other.Mr.White finally gave up and packed his bags for the trip back to his hometown.The night before he close down his restaurant permanently , he sat in the corner of his room and cried heavily because the restaurant was his life and dream.By the time the chef was crying , the 3 magical food stopped fighting and overheard the chef's cry.The chef's cry pierced through the 3 magical food heart.They know what to do and must be done right now.

When the chef was sleeping , the 3 magical food opened the restaurant secretly.The chinese dumpling casted a spell on the chef so he won't be easily to be woken up.Then the 3 magical food regroup at the kitchen and started to cook wonderful foods.The Nasi Lemak made hot and spicy dishes that could make people shed tears by eating it.The chinese dumpling made steamed chinese dishes while the indian food made delicious and spicy indian cuisines.The smell of the foods woke alot of people even though they were sleeping.They townfolks rushed over to Mr.White's restaurant.The three magical food made magical workers to help them serve the foods to the customers.The three magical food also made cleaners to clean the restaurant.In the blink of the eye , the restaurant was filled with customers and there were still more outside lining up just to get inside the restaurant.The business grew overnight and made thousands , more than enough to save the restaurant.

Next morning , Mr.White woke up and saw the restaurant was as beautiful as before.He was surprised and shocked about why the restaurant is back to normal.And then he saw ... He saw the 3 magical food lying on the ground , exhausted and dying.They used too much of their magic powers and about to whiter away.Mr.White was overjoyed but sad as his three most cherished friends were about to die....He hugged the 3 magical food and wished them for another chance to live.He wished and cried....

Suddenly , in the morning purple veil.The Food Fairy appeared right infront of the chef and said "These three foods were once troublesome yet they turned a new leaf and worked together to help a friend in need.They deserve another chance".With a wave of the wand , the 3 magical food resurrected right in the spot and the fairy disappeared.The chef and the 3 magical food thanked the fairy gratefully and hugged each other , all sheding tears...

From that day on , the 3 magical foods always work together and never ever fight again.And the restaurant's name was changed into "The ONE Special".United as one , they stand strong.

"NO Races , Only Malaysians"

- Nicholas Ng Hwa Ee


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